How To Secure Inheritance From Deceased Loved Ones in Cape Town: What Happens To The House?

For most people, the major concern when losing a parent or spouse is; ‘what’s happening with the house’. The house is the family home. It brings the family together and houses the happy memories of times gone by. Nothing has more sentimental value to a person than the family home. It’s normal that when a spouse or parent passes away ‘what’s happening with the house’ causes anxiety and tension in the family. The reason for the tension is that securing the family home is often complicated and expensive. In this article, we hope to provide some clarity on how to secure the family home after a loved one passes away.

Legally securing the family home has two main processes. First, is the deceased estate administration process. This first step requires an application to the Master of the High Court for Letters of Executorship. Only thereafter, the family can deal with the property through a process known as conveyancing. Davids & Partners has partnered up with Siyatec Executors to handle the first part which is the deceased estate administration process. The property transfer part is handled by Davids & Partners, a law firm focusing on property law and conveyancing. The reason why Davids & Partners has partnered with Siyatec is because of the efficient and personalised way  Siyatec manages deceased estates at a fraction of the cost of going to a traditional law firm.

Therefore, the biggest problem is that you need an attorney to assist you. If you chose an attorney knowledgeable of deceased estates and property law, this is where your deceased estate problems will end. The attorney will guide you through the process and act in the best interest of the family. However, not all attorneys are skilled in the administration of deceased estates as well as property law. Only attorneys who have a specialist conveyancing qualification can assist you with legally securing your family home.

The attorney you choose can thus also be the start of all your deceased estate problems. It is important that you choose an attorney skilled in the administration of deceased estates but who also has a Conveyancer to affect the property transfer. In addition to these requirements, it is extremely beneficial to appoint an attorney who understands the importance of the family home. The attorney must appreciate family dynamics and handle deceased estate matter’s with utmost care and compassion. Through Siyatec’s partnership with Davids & Partners, a complete and quality estate service is provided at the most affordable rates.

For more information contact Waseemah at Davids & Partners:, 021 448 5110 or visit the Siyatec website.