In life and business things don’t always go according to plan. When things go wrong, there is often no other solution but to approach the courts for relief. Litigation is the area of law which deals with the courts and court procedure. There are essentially two branches of litigation; actions and applications.

Action is instituted against another party inter alia, when damages are suffered due to another party’s non-compliance with an agreement. In such a case one would have to issue summons or sue as it were. There is also procedure and rules pertaining to the defense of actions.

An application is required when seeking relief from the court. For example, if someone is infringing on your rights as a landowner by building in such a way which obstructs your views; you will need to make an application interdicting such person from proceeding with construction.

At Davids & Partners we have collectively over 20 years of experience in litigation. Whether it is collecting your outstanding debts or evicting a troublesome tenant we provide a comprehensive litigation service.